Manuscript Evaluation

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Purpose. For students who desire comments on their work, the section allows submission of samples of fiction.

What to Submit. Story in Literary Fiction is a site devoted to the writing of literary fiction . . . that is character-driven, dramatic writing and storytelling with theme and meaning, usually about the human condition. Memoir and creative nonfiction are not equivalent to fiction and should not be submitted for comment. The site does not teach either memoir or creative nonfiction writing.


1) Evaluation of a sample of work up to 1500 words is FREE. Your work and comments are posted online.



2) Evaluation of a literary fiction short story, novella, or novel requires a FEE. This service is offline. The work is not posted online. The comments are not posted in general, although a comment may occasional be used for teaching purposes–always posted without identification of the author or work, and usually changed from the comment you receive.

Cost. The cost varies based on the length of the work and the estimated time to read and comment. Minimum is $100.

What to expect.

You will receive a written critique of your work. The manuscript will have comments. Both the manuscript and critique are returned by mail.

The evaluation is for alternatives for improving the writing and the storytelling. There in no implied guarantee or intent to prepare a manuscript for a publisher and there is no assurance that manuscript might be accepted by a publisher because as a result of the review and the critique. There is no attempt at line editing or proof reading. The review and critique are only for educational purposes.

How to submit for a cost estimate.

Submit you work using the form below, sending your file as an attachment. You will receive an email reply.

If the work is appropriate and thought to be at a point that a review would be of value for review and comments, you will receive a fixed cost for a review. Not all submissions are accepted for review.

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