Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any time limit to complete these assignments?
No. You can take as much time as you would like. And do only the assignments you choose. New assignments are posted periodically.

I would want to know the manner of comments and feedbacks I should be getting after submitting my work.
You can read comments of other writers as examples. In general, comments are structured to provide different alternatives to change the effect of your writing on the reader. No subjective value judgements on writing are provided.

Will I get another chance to re-submit the same assignment but with different story lines or re-work on the same story lines? Yes. After you receive comments, you have an optional addition submission for further comment.

Is there money involved in submitting my assignments.

Is there any sort of certificate involved in completing these 6 assignments?
No. If this is important for your career, your time would be better spent in a traditional MFA program.

What will you benefit from my involvement in this workshop?
I teach to become a better writer and storyteller and provide resources that I feel are not provided in most academic settings today.

How long will it take to receive a (posted) response to my assignment submission?
Variable, but almost always a few days. Comments undergo revisions for a few days for maximum effectiveness. You will receive notification when a comment is posted. On occasion, a comment may take more than a week.

Where can I learn more about what is in the comments sent to me about my works?
Use The Fiction Well, which provides search capabilities on site as well as links to external sources.

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