Work from Raghava

There wasn’t any critique on the noise and blur (though I wasn’t happy with it). We can only shoot in mauanl, so I’m still getting used to playing with all my settings. I normally shoot in aperture, so I’m really happy to finally braving mauanl on a regular basis. During this shoot, I was more concerned with getting a decent image of the kids rather than play with my settings which was not a good idea. Plus the particular assignment itself was difficult, so I was trying to balance all of that. I do not have a tripod yet, it’s on my list of wants but so are a bunch more things! Libbie does not cry on demand, though she had tears in her eyes in a few other images from this shoot.

Instructor Response

Thanks for submitting. I didn’t understand the word “mauanl” and was confused about what the paragraph was about. The first sentence about the critique didn’t seem to relate, and you might just state dissatisfaction with noise and blur. The last sentence about Libbie also is unrelated, and should be expressed in another paragraph.

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